You need just the right amount of skill to help you run a business and become a successful entrepreneur.

I have been gaged many times,  obviously by people who feel they know more than me. While life is not a competition, I choose to run my race my way.  I am an entrepreneur, which means I have to learn every skill behind every idea I birth. In my entrepreneurial journey, I know two things: either make your money work for you or work for money. I chose the former, but I realized that you need to know a bit about the said business to run it successfully.

However, you need not learn and master the skill.  You need just the right amount to enable you to make sound business decisions and or run the people who work for you.

None of my businesses are big enough, so I play an active role in each. However, I have never wish to waste my time learning how to undertake every single business activity in my business. All I need is to have the right amount of knowledge to audit and ensure the quality of our products.

When I decided to venture into the beauty industry, I dedicated some time to learning about the business processes and activities. For instance, I learned how to trim hair, give a warm towel bath, pedicure, and manicure for men, among others.  While some of these activities are activities I can handle, some I know just the theoretical aspects.

These skills came in handy when I launched my salon business. After employing my first barber, I have to train him on the standard I wanted to give my clients.  The barber had never used a towel warmer before his employment—things like the face shield, among others, were strange to him. As a business owner, I have three choices, get him trained elsewhere, let him do what he can do only, or prepare him by myself. I choose the latter. I found it not only exciting but also fulfilling.

Once in a while, I visit the salon to check what’s happening and observe the quality of shaves. Knowing a bit about shaves gives me the right amount of skill to audit this.

Knowing just the right skill also helps an entrepreneur not to get cheated. I trust my staff, but this is just a general principle. I do not want to be running a business where my team will tell me they want to buy scissors that cost GHS 500🤣🤣. Knowing a bit about the business process will help me audit some of these purchases and safeguard the business.

Having the right amount of knowledge also helps you to select or recruit the right people. Without the right amount of knowledge, you would not know what skillset or attributes to look out for. You can’t say what temperament or leadership styles to adopt for a particular business module. The right amount of skills or knowledge of trade would offer you the best chance to become a successful entrepreneur. Do not be like those who have businesses yet know very little about its activities; else, you are heading for doom if you do not understand your business enough to make certain decisions.

The only difference between my subordinates and me is that they chose to specialize, whereas I decided not to. It is not that I cannot be as good as them. It’s not the case that I can’t be a specialist in any of these activities. I believe this would only limit my potential. I have so many dreams and business ideas, and if I am to master the skill behind each business idea, I might pass on without even fulfilling a single vision.

That been said, you are at this moment notified of our new venture – The Urbane Salon.

Urbane Salon is an Ultra-modern salon that provides a full-service unisex salon specializing in the latest cuts, colors, and trends—Walk-ins welcome.

The salon offers walk-ins and home services. Booking can be made on the official salon website The salon is located in Wa Bamahu, Upper West Region of Ghana. The salon is housed on the first floor of the former GN Bank building. Services include but not limited to

  • Haircuts
  • Shaves
  • Pedicure for men
  • Manicure for men
  • Dying of hair
  • Home services
  • Wedding shaves Packages
  • Etc.

We treat our clients like kings. You get a bottle of water, TomTom to keep your mouth fresh, and a warm towel bath aftershave.

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