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Virtual Coffee Chats

Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a project to reinvent myself. As part of this project, I hosted Virtual coffee chats twice a month with folks I thought might make a huge difference in my life.
This project has taken me all over the globe to meet with top company founders, educators, and physicians, among others. The 45 mins to 1-hour session allow me to learn while also sharing my perspectives or points of view on various issues.
This project has allowed me to expand my network twice as much and learn from remarkable men and women worldwide. I have a lot to say about my prior virtual discussions. If time permitted, I am certain that I would make them accessible on my blog sometime. 
Except for sex, marriage, relationships, religion, and politics, the topics of debate span everything.
I’ve chosen to broaden the project to reach folks on my timeline who may be interested. Of course, some of my pals on Facebook, such as Kofi Adotey, have already been asked to join me for a session.
Please send me a DM if you’d like a connection to my calendar so you may look for dates that work for you. Within the following week, I will be available to reply to direct messages on Facebook. Following that, you may send an email to wedaaba@azunusnotes.com.
Fun fact: the only rule of the Virtual Coffee Chat is that you should have a cup of coffee in front of you. LOL
NB: Saturdays are generally when I have my virtual coffee chats.

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