uj late application

uj late application – Matric results stressing you out? Missed the UJ deadline? Chill, bra. You’re not out yet!

UJ’s throwing you a lifeline with their late application window – yeah, from January 9th to February 28th, 2024, they’re open for business again. So, dust off that dream degree and let’s get you applying!

But what can you even study? Fear not, future Lion King (or Queen!), UJ’s got a whole jungle of degrees waiting to be tamed. Undergrad, postgraduate, you name it – they’ve got options for days. And the best part? The late application system shows you exactly which programs still have seats, so you’re not flying blind.

Ready to pounce? Applying’s a breeze, online all the way: https://www.uj.ac.za/admission-aid/registration/. No queues, no snail mail – just you, your laptop, and a second chance at greatness.

Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Head to that link above, brave one.
  2. Throw in your student number, matric number, or ID – any of those work.
  3. Make sure your details are squeaky clean, then hit “confirm.”
  4. Got a previous application lurking around? See if it’s still your jam, or switch things up if you’ve got a new dream.
  5. Pick your battleground – which Faculty/College tickles your fancy?
  6. See what courses are still open for grabs within your chosen territory.
  7. Found your match? Lock it in with a quick enquiry.
  8. Don’t forget your number! They’ll use it to keep you in the loop.

And then what? Sit back, relax, and trust the UJ crew. They’ll check your application within five working days and let you know via email or SMS if you’ve nailed it.

uj late application 2024 tips

  • Be an early bird: The sooner you apply, the better your chances, especially for those popular programs with limited space.
  • Check the boxes: Make sure you have all the entry requirements for your chosen course. UJ website or Admissions Office – they’ve got the answers.
  • Proofread like a pro: Typos are dealbreakers, so double-check before hitting submit.
  • Get your documents ready: Transcripts, ID photo – have them scanned and waiting to go.

This is your chance, future UJ Lion. Don’t let it slip away! Apply for the UJ late application today and roar into your bright academic future. You’ve got this!

Bonus: Need more info? Check out the UJ website, Admissions Office, or their contact details below. They’re there to help you make this leap!

Remember, you’re not alone in this. Go forth and conquer that application, future UJ Lion!

I hope this is more engaging and speaks directly to your South African university applicant audience. Good luck with your applications!