Tut late application 2024

Remember that missed TUT application deadline twisting your gut? Yeah, been there, done that. But listen up, future TUT star, ’cause you’re in luck! They’re throwing open the doors for late applications, giving you another shot at making your academic dreams a Pretoria reality.

Online Late Applications are open.
Available qualifications for the 2024 intake (as at 22 January 2024):


Bachelor of Engineering Polymer Technology

Bachelor of Geomatics


Higher Certificate Electrical Engineering

BEngTech (Electrical Engineering)

Diploma in Computer Science (Extended)

Diploma in Informatics (Extended)


Why TUT? Buckle up for this:

  • Top-ranked South African powerhouse: We’re talking top-notch education, a mind-boggling variety of courses, and a campus life that’ll keep you buzzing. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with over 60,000 students across nine Pretoria campuses, soaking up knowledge like a sponge and getting the support you need to soar.
  • Courses so cool, they’ll make your brain fizz: Dive into Bachelor of Engineering Polymer Technology or Bachelor of Geomatics at the Pretoria Campus. Over at Emalaheni, snag a Higher Certificate Electrical Engineering, BEngTech (Electrical Engineering), Diploma in Computer Science (Extended), or even a Diploma in Informatics (Extended). See? Something for every curious mind! ✨

Getting in? Easier than braai-ing on a sunny day:

  1. Gather your stuff: SA ID (passport if you’re from afar), phone number, email, school transcripts, and that shiny national senior certificate. Let’s show TUT what you’ve got!
  2. Head to the TUT website: Click that “Apply Now” button and bam! You’re in the application portal. Welcome aboard!
  3. Make an account: Quick and easy, like setting up a braai stand.
  4. Fill ‘er up: Give them all your info on the online form. Accuracy is key, no mix-ups allowed! ✍️
  5. Upload away: Scan and upload those documents like a pro.
  6. Pay the fee: Settle the late application fee (check the website for the latest price, don’t wanna break the bank!).
  7. Double-check: Give your application a once-over before hitting submit. You got this!
  8. Save the proof: That confirmation email is your golden ticket, keep it safe! ✉️

Important dates:

  • Deadline: February 27th, 2024. Don’t miss the boat! Mark your calendar, set reminders, anything! ️
  • Requirements and fees: Each course has its own entry requirements, so check the TUT prospectus or website for the details. The late application fee can change, so keep an eye out!

Don’t let a missed deadline stop you from chasing your dreams! This late application chance at TUT is your stepping stone to a future brighter than a boerewors roll on braai day. Head to the TUT website today, learn more, and get your application rolling! Let’s show them what potential looks like.

Bonus tips:

  • Keep checking the TUT website for updates and announcements about late applications. You wouldn’t want to miss out on juicy info! ℹ️
  • Got questions? Need help with the application process? The TUT admissions office is there for you, don’t hesitate to reach out! They’re friendly folks.
  • Get your application in well before the deadline to avoid last-minute stress. Nobody needs that drama! ‍♀️
  • Remember, even with a late application, a strong academic record and a killer motivation letter can make you stand out. Show them what you’re made of! You’ve got this!

Good luck with your application! We can’t wait to see you at TUT, braai-ing up the campus with your brilliant mind. Remember, you’re not alone in this – we’re all rooting for you! ‍

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