Moving away from Remote Businesses

Moving away from Remote work

Based in the Upper East Region, my company has been working tirelessly to provide clients across the country with innovative and timely solutions that contribute immensely to their various businesses. Through the use of the internet, we have been able to work with clients across the country and even outside the country without any physical meeting. This has been the situation over the years, however, we saw the need to bridge this physical gap between the company and our clients.

 We developed an initiative to help us, as a company, meet our clients face to face, get to know their business modules and examine their various needs to help us serve them better.

Last week, as part of this initiative to position us better as innovators, I took some time off to visit some of our business partners, associates and/or clients in Accra. This was aimed at getting a closer glimpse of their businesses and finding out the best possible ways to be of benefit to them.

As a company whose philosophy is centred on innovations and research, continuous learning of our client’s business is essential to our ability to develop to better solutions. Again, as an executive chairman and as one with a research background, I see research as the eye to innovating and solving problems. Research helps to understand better, the business modules on which our clients operate, thereby, giving us a better ground to innovate.

Thirty per cent of our clients are Accra based businesses, hence, the launch of this initiative saw me visiting various places in Accra interacting with our clients, finding out how their businesses are doing and how best we can continue to serve them.

Among the firms I visited were IRisk Management, Ghana Sweden chamber of commerce, a new startup Farmklass, Doinugu among others.

It’s amazing to note that we have served these firms for a number of years without meeting face to face. It was, therefore, so fulfilling when I got to meet the heads of these firms whom we have been serving all along. On one of my visits, the management of IRisk Management remarked, “We have been in business for four years and it is surprising we are only meeting.”

Meeting our clients after years of transitioning business means a lot to me. Moving from remote working to meeting them in person has strengthened our business relationship.

I must emphasize that this initiative did not only strengthen our business relationships with clients but also positioned us as better solution providers.

We hope to continue to build a very strong relationship with our clients that will positioned us well to know their needs and carve solutions that best fit each of them.

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