Late application 2024 south african universities

University dreams don’t always follow the calendar. Sometimes life circumstances like luck of funds and even sicknesses can make you miss the application deadline and hence have to result to late application! Thankfully i have written this guide to help you prepare and apply for available late applications from some of the top universities.

Note this: While most universities closed applications for 2024, not all hope is lost! Some make provision for late application:

Below are the late application for top south african univeristies

cput late application 2024

tut late application 2024

uj late application
vut late application 2024
unisa late application 2024

1. Late Application Opportunities:

  • Unisa – university of south africa: Master’s and doctoral programs are still accepting applications until January 31st, 2024.
  • UJ – University of Johannesburg: Open to late enquiries for programs with available space until January 25th, 2024. Contact their administration office to confirm.
  • Other Universities: Some institutions, like Stellenbosch University, consider late applications on special circumstances. You can contact them to see if you stand a chance.

2. Know Your Options:

  • Rhodes University: Open for late applications with a R100 fee.
  • Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University: Late applications accepted with a R300 fee.
  • Sol Plaatje University: Requires contacting their administration for late application procedures.

3. Act Fast: Don’t wait! Programs fill up quickly, so contact your preferred university ASAP to discuss late application possibilities.

4. Prepare Your Application:

  • Make ready your academic documents including academic transcripts, test scores, and motivation letters.
  • Explain in details what led to you applying late