How to check CAO Application Status

CAO Status Check 2024-2025 –

The Central Applications Office (CAO) is an organization that processes applications for undergraduate courses at universities and colleges in Ireland. It acts as a clearinghouse for applications, allowing prospective students to apply to multiple institutions with one application. The CAO also manages the system of points used to rank applicants for oversubscribed courses.

How To Check CAO Application Status Online

The CAO student portal allows you to check the status of your CAO application

Q1: How do I check my CAO status?

Simple! Glide over to the CAO website ( and click the “Check My Application” button. Alternatively, dial 031 – 268 4444 or 0860 860 226 (even after hours!) to get a verbal update.

Q2: My application is on hold. What’s up?

Relax, it just means the institutions haven’t reviewed your documents yet. Don’t hesitate to directly contact the chosen institution for a status update if you’re feeling impatient.

Q3: Can I edit my application after submitting?

Absolutely! Visit the CAO website and click the “Change of Mind” icon. This magic tool lets you switch program choices or rearrange your list anytime (within designated deadlines, of course).


  • The CAO website reigns supreme for online application status checks (
  • Stay informed! Bookmark the CAO website for course listings, admission requirements, and even payment options.
  • Feeling stuck or have questions? The CAO’s contact details are readily available on the website for your assistance.


Navigate the CAO journey with confidence! Armed with this information and the official CAO website, you’ll be cruising towards your education goals in no time. So, explore, stay connected, and remember, a smooth application process awaits!

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