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Five reasons why I treasure my birthdays

It has been a great day. One of the days I have always look forward to. This year was no different, and I looked forward to it like no other. I really do not celebrate my birthdays. I displayed so much eagerness that a lot noticed. I am not surprised I had friends asking me if I really shared a public notice on my birthday. Yes, it was I. For once, I felt thrilled and could not hold back on the day.

Over the years, I have gotten fond of the day’s activities that I wait in eagerness for it. There are five reasons why my birthday has become the most important day of my life.

One of the things I look forward to is mum’s call. My mum has this tradition of calling and praying with me. This has become one of my most desire moments. She calls to tell me how proud she is of me, blesses and advises me. Her counsel, prayers and love have brought me this far, for which I am appreciative. As is the norm, I am supposed to call and thank her for bringing me into the world. But she turned this around and made it a most cherished moment where she blesses and counsels me. Yes, I love her like crazy, and I pray that she lives to see her last born as the man she as always prayed I become.

The second activity I look forward to on my birthdays has my two spiritual fathers, Rev Fr Ezekiel and Rev Fr George, celebrate mass for me. It has become a tradition that they offer a Eucharistic celebration for me.  They pray with me as well as offer some wisdom nuggets I need to become a better person. I know my “cries” and request for counsels can be stressful. But they have always listened to me and offered me the best counsel there is. Looking back, I have never regretted taking on your advice on pertinent issues. Although there are times I wish I had it my way, your counsels have always proven to be the best of my life. Thank you both for being my spiritual aids. You taught me a lot, one of which is to see and seek spirituality. I am humbled.

I happen to have this weird tradition of celebrating my birthday as a new year, rather than celebration 1st Jan as a New Year. In my world, the new year starts on my birthday. It is that time I set my goals, reflect, meditate on my past and seek the hand of God through the new year. The goals set usually cover my life’s financial, spiritual, social, career, and business aspects. My birthdays are typically solemn. I spend all day indoors and just being me. This tradition has proven helpful and has offered me great benefits beyond what I could ever imagine. It is for this reason that I look forward every year to celebrating my birthday.

Yes, I love gifts. I happen to be privileged to have some exceptional people in my life who would always go every mile just to share some gifts with me on my birthday. I am forever grateful to these special people. And hey, I always look forward to this day because of you.

The last thing that makes me wish for this day every year is listening to people who speak of their experiences and the good wishes I received. On every birthday of mine, I received 1000s of messages from all my social media platforms and emails. From love ones, especially family, friends, business partners, customers etc. These kind gestures of love humble me. It may take me a while to respond to all of these messages, but I wish to express my gratitude to all who make time year after year to bless me and share their best wishes with me.

Dear all, thank you for everything. In one way or the order, each of you has contributed to making me who I am today. I appreciate all your efforts.  I pray that God blesses us with more years to share these special moments. I pray that as time passes may our friendship grow with it.  Be blessed. I love you!

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