Don’t Be Broke In 2024: 60 Skills You Can Learn In 2024

In the fast-changing 21st-century environment, learning new skills seems to be a cornerstone imperative for personal and professional development. The rapidly changing technology, industries, and societal expectations would require the need to adapt, and actively developing a diverse skill set allows better chances for agile navigation and growth. This way, stepping up the career ladder becomes a reality since employers increasingly value employees committed to making continuous learning a lifestyle, identifying them as valuable contributors touting versatile capabilities across roles and even industries.

Outside of the professional environment, the personal gains that come with learning new skills are just as profound. Upon learning a new skill in the best way possible, there is a feeling of accomplishment that comes with it, boosting self-confidence in such a way that it improves the right mindset and a positive approach to solving problems. The cognitive elements help engage mental functions that lead to problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. While individuals gear themselves up to embark on the journey of acquiring new skills, they gear themselves up at the same time to embark on yet another journey – that of continuous renewal and personal growth.

Learning new skills impacts increased productivity, efficiency in carrying out tasks, as well as better problem-solving. Being efficient at something not only saves time and resources on a task but also places an individual as valuable within their line of business or area. Moreover, world awareness that follows skill acquisition would aid in communication for potent collaborations and understanding in the interconnected world. Essentially, the search for learning new skills comes out as a transforming journey that intertwines personal with professional development, positioning individuals to thrive irrespective of uncertainty.

In this article, we look at 60 skills that one can learn in 2024. These were gleaned from BigGodwin Martey’s Facebook page.

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“Yesterday I made a post on my wall asking people to teach a skill for free. I was shocked at the humongous feedback. Wow! The urgency with which people commented and were willing to pour out to help others by impacting them with a skill is a testament to how amazing people are. I have gone through all the comments and put together 60 powerful skills that came from many commenters who are willing to teach you for free! I am stupefied at the love and support that we are willing to give to one another; I think it’s worthy of commendation.

So go through these skills, and if there is any of them that piques your interest, go and read through the comments to identify who exactly is offering that skill for free and contact them. Do everything in 2024 to make your life better than 2023; I will continue to use my platform to inspire, educate, support, promote, and be a blessing to you.”

Here are the skills:

1. Sewing

2. Driving

3. Hairdressing

4. Sound Technician

5. Biology

6. Local Dishes

7. Herbal Medicines

8. Data Analytics

9. Web Development

10. Copywriting

11. Proof Reading

12. Prepping of food stuff

13. Travel and Tour

14. Pastries

15. Wig making

16. Bathing Soap

17. Millinery (Hat Making)

18. Learning Calculus & Mathematics

19. Graphic Design using Canva

20. China Importation

21. Digital Marketing

22. Study Abroad

23. CV Writing

24. Facebook and IG Advertising

25. Make Up

26. Tailoring of Shirts, Kaftans, Jackets,etc

27. English Fluency

28. Runway Modeling

29. Liquid Soap

30. Washing Powder

31. Sales

32. ChinChin/Achom

33. Cake without Oven

34. Chicken Popcorn

35. Ice Cream

36. Banana Cake

37. Egg Roll

38. Chocolate

39. Digital Marketing

40. Fashion Design (Garments & Bags)

41. Music Production

42. Yoghurt Production

43. UX UI (Figma & Adobe XD)

44. Cookies

45. Mini Importation

46. 3D animation

47. Photography

48. Project Management

49. Ruby Programming

50. ASCPi

51. Languages, Ewe, English Literature

52. Catfish, Tilapia and Turkey farming

53. Honey Bee Farming

54. Swimming

55. Black Soap

56. Acoustic Guitar

57. Cloud and DevOps

58. Soap Making

59. Forex Trading

60. Flight Line Safety and Avionic Services

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