CPUT late application 2024

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UJ deadline passed you by? Chillax, mate! CPUT’s got your back with a second-chance window for some awesome programs with space left in 2024. Change of heart? Needed a breather? Missed the boat? No judgment here, just another shot at that dream degree you’re chasing.

But let’s be real:

  • This ain’t a buffet. Late apps are only for programs with empty chairs, not the whole spread.
  • Time flies, fam. This window shuts fast, so don’t snooze!
  • Heads up, CPUT peeps: You and folks finishing up old programs get first dibs.

Now, the juicy bits:

  • Free apply! Money won’t hold you back – CPUT rocks zero application fees.
  • Online breeze: Ditch the paper cuts, it’s all online in a few clicks.
  • We got your back: CPUT’s got online guides and a dedicated call center to cheer you on.

Ready to leap? Let’s crack this application:

1. Pick your path: Head to the CPUT website and dive into the list of programs with open seats. Not all are free for latecomers, so eagle eyes on, bru.

2. Gear up: Grab those academic transcripts and ID copies, scan ’em sharp, and make sure they’re the right size and format. (No Word docs or Excel spreadsheets, please!) If you’re under 18, grab the Minor Application Declaration too.

3. Online application party! Hit the online portal and follow the step-by-step guide. Choose your program, upload those docs, and double-check everything before hitting submit. Incomplete apps get tossed, so be a pro!

4. Breathe! (But check your phone): Once you’ve sent it, keep an eye on your phone for that SMS with your application status. You can track your progress and even download your acceptance letter (fingers crossed!) on the CPUT website.

Bonus tip: Feeling ambitious? Full Research Master’s and Doctoral programs are still open until March 15th! Aim high, champ!

Need help? You’re not alone:

This, my friend, is your chance to turn “what if” into “wow” at CPUT. Don’t let this once-in-a-while opportunity slip through your fingers. Apply now and make 2024 the year you build your dream future, one Lion roar at a time!