Check sassa status 2024

Stressing about missing your SASSA payment or stuck in application limbo? Chill, fam! This guide’s got your back. Knowing where your SASSA grant stands is game-changing, so let’s navigate the status check jungle together.

sassa status check 2024

1. Online Ninja: Head to like a digital warrior. Plug in your South African ID and phone number from your application, then BAM! Your approval status, app ID, and collection dates for this month appear. Easy-peasy, right?

2. WhatsApp Wiz: Save 082 046 8553, the official SASSA WhatsApp number, in your phone like it’s gold. Text them “SASSA” and follow the prompts. Choose “Status Check” and reply “Verification” to see your R350 application status and ID flash on your screen. Talk about instant answers!

3. Phone Power: Dial 0800 60 1011 from your SASSA-linked phone like a pro. Give them your ID and registered mobile number. Answer the questions like a boss, then enter your ID and cell number for an OTP. Boom! Your application status info lands in your lap. No internet needed, just simple instructions.

4. SMS Sleuth: Keep an eye on your inbox like a message detective. SASSA sends updates and payment status alerts straight to your phone. Free, automatic, and always there when you need it.


  • Check your status every 30 days. Grants update monthly, so staying on top of it means you grab your cash right on time.
  • Choose the method that rocks your boat. Online ninja, WhatsApp wiz, phone power, or SMS sleuth – pick the one that vibes with you.
  • Chill and keep informed. The system can sometimes lag, so if you don’t get an immediate update, don’t panic. Just check back later.

Important Dates and Info:

  • SASSA SRD R350 Grant:
    • Amount: R350 per month
    • Dates: January 3 (elderly), January 4 (disabilities), January 5 (children)
    • Who gets it: 18-59 years old, unemployed, South African resident, income less than R624/month, not receiving other government assistance.
  • Other SASSA Grants: Dates vary, check the SASSA website for details.
  • Get your cash at: Bank account, Post Office, Boxer retailers, Pick N Pay.

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