My story

Urbanus Wedaaba is an experienced academician and entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate and technology industry. He is a strong business professional who has demonstrated his prowess by consulting and empowering the youth in Ghana to start and run successful businesses.

Urbanus holds a degree in BSc Land Management from University for Development studies. He also served as a teaching assistant before furthering to pursue an MSc in Land Governance and Policy at KNUST. From a humble background in Walewale, Urbanus has taken steps towards changing the status quo by creating innovative solutions and viable opportunities for many young individuals and businesses. He is a clear depiction of the fact that, although one does not have control over where and how they are born, they certainly have control over how they turn out.

From that rural community, Urbanus took it upon himself to learn a skill that could provide solutions to companies and businesses and also earn him an income. With interest in technology, Urbanus, without enrolling in an IT school, learned the rudiments of programming—a step that would lead to the creation of his Tech company, Faciotechgh. The Tech company that was born out of his efforts to live an independent life is now an ultimate and reliable IT company that provides websites and other internet solutions to companies, entrepreneurs, startups, NGOs, and other organizations.

Urbanus is also the founder of Azunus Realty Consult, a Real Estate firm that provides quality and affordable Real Estate and Land management consultancy services. Through these companies, Wedaaba offers solutions to complex challenges and empower young entrepreneurs in the business world.

Taking inspiration from his father who understood the importance of education and building legacies instead of riches, Urbanus has launched various initiatives aimed at impacting lives. Through his Business Connect Program, Urbanus and his team have empowered and created an online presence for not less than 20 startups in Ghana. Aside from creating an online presence, Urbanus and his team continue to guide these startups on how to use the internet for their benefit. Not only that, Wedaaba, through Faciotech, is working to promote IT literacy among young individuals, business people, farmers and NGOs and is also creating advanced solutions that solve complex social and economic challenges.

With so many innovative ideas since venturing into business, Urbanus desire to pursue the many ideas in his idea bank; a term he uses to refer to the numerous innovative ideas he has penned down. At such a young age and with such brilliant accomplishments, the future can only be bright for the young CEO. Wedaaba, in the next 10 to 20 years, sees himself opening a group of companies that will continue to impact society positively.

Urbanus is a Christian who loves to promote his spiritual and personal beliefs through his business. Having taken his father’s advice to build legacies instead of riches, he is more comfortable with referring to himself as a spiritreneur; a term for someone who does business the right way with the right motive—to benefit individuals and society in general. With Psalm 20:7 being his favorite verse, Urbanus Wedaaba has taken a stand to always remember the name of the Lord his God in all his endeavors.

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